Thursday, 13 July 2017

!!Swallow it ALL Peasants

Yah. You can dislike the delusion-peddling capitalistic fanatic psychopaths that we force you to chose between all you like, but bitches you are going to swallow them whole like the good peasants you are and we are going to tell you how good it is and how much you are going to like it. Newsmedia is capital's bitch just like the fake democracy and illusion of choice that we sell you, and what the fuck are you going to do about it?? NOTHING, and we know it.

Of course you could organise your own military and do Communism, if we hadn't convinced you that some sky daddy wants you to take it up the arse from capital and profit worshippers - very obediently and with the hopes of golden mansions and virgins and crap after you die. But we aren't waiting for that! We'll profit from society and build our own mansions and fuck virgins imported from poor countries and your daughters and sons! You need the money anyway!

Oh - what? You thought that freemarket economies and business capital that makes us rich was the only way to successfully do human civilisation? No dumbasses - that's why we send your poor and middle class children overseas to fight the socialists and Commies in the name of our profits and to protect our economic machine. What? You thought it was for you??? That's fucking HILARIOUS! Huh? What? You thought it was for the skydaddy?? You're killing us! That's the funniest thing our fat rat assess have ever HEARD!

That's why we don't want you to have much education, and why we want the education you do have to be packed with delusional religionist BULLSHIT!

Aaaamen Peasants!