Thursday, 1 December 2016

John Pilger Calls it Again. China is the West's New Comic Book Bogeyman. The West needs to Grow Up.

- Bruce Long

Why does China have to be the West's new comic book villain: a role which does not suit China at all?

It looks like, sadly, as usual, the answer is that the West is what it is. It cannot help but behave badly, apparently.

I have spent time in Central China. The people and the culture are amazing, and their humanity is surpassing. They stemmed their own suffering under the oppression of their own internal imperial masters, and have spent the entire time since fending off imperialists from without.

It's not fair. Not at all.

World affairs and life were not meant to be fair perhaps? Evolution favours the most versatile and strongest organism, and nature has a way of sorting the wheat and the chaff perhaps?

The Boxer Rebellion happened for a reason: Foreign powers were beyond badly behaved.
As an evolutionary naturalistic philosopher, and an absurdist and probably a strong social and metaphysical determinist, I still think that knowing about evolutionary and social Darwinist impulses does not mean that we have to follow them, but that we can deploy our discursive consciousness and practical actions against them where it matters for our humanity.

I am keenly awaiting the release of John Pilger's new movie: The Coming War on China, in which the award winning left-journalist promises a balanced, sober defense of China: or more to the point a revealing analysis of the intentions of China's comic-book-vilifying detractors. I hope that Pilger ends up wrong. I hope that President Trump can redeem the US democratic system and himself by deciding to make Pilger wrong, or at least to change the script to one where China is not viewed as some comic book villain - but instead respected as the magnificent people and culture that it is.

The CPC is almost certainly unfairly demonised by forces at home and abroad, just as alleged Communists were dragged over coals during the insane McCarthy trials and hearings (although they suffered nothing compared to the Brown people of Asia at the receiving end of the tip of the napalm sword). The British and French attacked China relentlessly, whilst rudely maligning it as the poor man of Asia, before, during, and after the vicious Opium wars (waged ruthlessly upon the 'poor man' because no-one could really take him on in a fair fight). Then Britain oversaw the humiliating and deadly reign of opium in China: a vile sin which killed millions more than any cultural revolution. The behaviour of a venal and warlike Britain and US made the Red Dragon of The Middle Kingdom of Asia look noble indeed. Frankly, it still does.

When is the hopelessly religionised and (religiously, politically, and culturally) bigoted West going to get over its xenophobia and stop murdering and demonising Brown people, Asian people, and any 'other' found lying around in order to excuse the waging of vicious wars for economic ends? Perhaps we should ask the Australian Aboriginal (Windradine, or Wingham - maybe?) Perhaps we should ask the Navajo and the Sioux? Maybe we should ask the napalmed villagers of Vietnam?

Most of them are not around to ask.

1937 - The imperialist capitalist Japanese Rape Nanking.
The Americans were not interested in fighting the Japanese until Pearl Harbour was attacked 1941.
The perfect storm of ignorant racism-plus-political venality could be cured if politicians and businessmen were jailed for such profit-turning bigotry, and the uneducated were sent on exchange programs to discover how like them the other really is.

But no. Let's run the same program of ridiculous maligning of the character of an entire people because some of us want to line our pockets by selling arms and the hate that is required to market them.

Keynesian economics? Free market economy? They don't looks like such a great idea when you have to make an enemy out of a beautiful people and one of the greatest cultures in the history of humankind - just so you can get your economic, military, careerist, and competitive rocks off.

This new movie promises to be Great work by Pilger, who has not lost his touch on iota since "One Crowded Hour" and "Distant Voices".

The Chinese have been very patient. Dare we ask more of them?

The behaviour of the US in Vietnam - to protect profit opportunities from the alleged 'red menace': such behaviour is the real menace.

Operation Rolling Thunder Vietnam: Not the Red Menace - The OTHER Menace. The profiteering xenophobic religionist 'free market' imperialist menace.
China assisted the Vietnamese against the Napalmers.

Let's hope that Donald Trump is as pragmatically as smart as some of us suspect, and despite all of his error and bombast - is able to back up his "China China China" rhetoric with some actual anti-xenophobic familiarisation, positive cultural ties, and political affection. That alone would make what is a democratic debacle maybe even worth it, and would stand as an achievement that would make the right people proud of even Trump in the right way and for the right reasons.

Sell peace with China, President Trump: now that would be a really serious and memorable achievement.