Thursday, 1 December 2016

Jason Frye with the Latest SPI Update: Bin Talal Decides that Maybe Women Can Drive After all...

Jason Frye has been busy again at the SPI.

Not all Americans are hopeless China-bashing religionists parading as secularists. The follks at the SPI are American Pie but not Pie in the Sky. There are different flavours of American Pie. The SPI is the sensible freethinking flavor. Our favourite.
Jason Frye of the SPI. Doing Secular Big-time.

Ever the sophisticated diplomats, the SPI knows when it's sensible to encourage religionist despots when they decide to do something right. Although - dare we suggest - that there is a hint of ironic humour about the SPI's coverage? The effort put in by The Sheikh Prince is certainly lengthy.

The Saudis have tried to give women the vote, and allow them to run for (token?) places in government. This is not going terribly well, but it is arguably better than not at all. Arguably.

Perhaps soon it will be the case that Saudis who say that God is just a fiction - the most likely candidate for an accurate representation of the actual facts - do not get flogged, imprisoned, or executed as terrorists.

Yes. That's right. It is not the imperialist, capitalist Christianised conservative West with its long history of Holy war and crusades that is responsible for animosity against Islam.

It's those liberal atheists. Those godless worms.

This has got to be progress - right?

Now admittedly, my disposition in has always been to avoid pulling punches over the obvious, ludicrous, and undeniable bigotry against atheists and unbelievers inherent in The Quran and its dogma.


You know.

Women are driving and allowed to run for parliament - sort of - in Saudi Arabia now.

Perhaps it is time to release moderate Raif Badawi?


Thought not.