Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Season: A time to face the truth about how insane bigoted unbeliever-hating faith in imaginary gods really is...

Simple. They are mentally ill (various high and low functioning psychoses and psychopathies) and we a swimming in a sea of mentally ill people with not enough resources and no equitable systems of education and economic sharing. The doctrines that they assimilate into their mentally ill cognition and consciousness are bigoted and duplicitous, and have often produced by people with similar problems.

All of the many and varied deep seated jealousies and bitterness, and personal pscyho-emotional hangups, and - well - idiocy: these are all amplified and directed through the lens of bigoted religious faith that demonises unbelief. Bizarrely enough, people think that what will help this situation is more religious faith, and more capitalism, and more 'democracy'.

When we manage to fix ourselves somehow - or get the AI to do it - perhaps with transhumanism - then this problem will go away. Hopefully. I hope that we get very powerful AI very soon. We need it to solve intractable problems like the bigotry of theocratic dogma and its negative influence on the world. The AI will either eradicate us, or fix us, or make us slaves. 1 out of three is not such a bad set of odds, when one watches the news. Even more so when one bothers to read and learn more deeply.

Getting a Context

Stephen Pinker (one of my heroes, actually) and other wealthy aristocratic academics have recently assured us that things are not so bad and are getting better. I think this is true in many ways, and I hope that he and Ray Kurzweil are right (see also the studies cited here). But to be the 'Devil''s advocate - I am not wealthy, nor admitted to the Ivory Tower of the academy like they are, and nor are most people.

Most people have an experience of life that is - if not nasty brutish and short - then it is unsatisfying, unfulfilling, limited in opportunities, struggling, and poverty-threatened. Add to that the stress associated with dealing with doctrinal (usually religious) and systematic bigotries in our society - which have a measurable and real effect on one's livelihood and prosperity - and you have a very different set of experiences for large groups of people. They don't choose hardship it and they work hard. It is perhaps little wonder that - given what we know clinically about the links between stress and both poor cognition and poor mental health (and poor physical health) - they end up a little 'punchy'. It is perhaps less surprising that they adopt the same kinds of bigoted dogmas that make their lives difficult in the first place.

Most of us are not the vaunted and successful (and very cool) Stephen Pinker. We are more like stymied punkers. All of that stress and struggle has an effect. And that is not counting all of the negative upstream cultural stupidity, and genetic problems, and physical, mental, and emotional abuse that people dole out to each other - often in the name of their imaginary friend according to some insane, bigoted, unsophisticated doctrine designed by a kind of lunatic random walk of bigots and psychotic tribal or imperial patriarchs.
The Wealthy and Successful (and Very Entertaining) Penn Jillette 

Hard Truths, Harder Facts

No-one wants to go there - but the willing faithful are just varying degrees of (using the journalistic and clinical no-go term) crazy. It becomes a doctrine/dogma-enabled vicious cycle and snowball-effect. Pragmatists with lots of money just use them for labor and as consumers. There are multifarious social dynamics that perpetuate faithistically expressed mental illness. Mass hysteria, and milder versions of it, are just some of them.

There are reasons why this truth gets such vehement resistance. Some people make a lot of money out of it. Others are just confused and programmed with cultural codes and 'ethics' that they have not thought through with critical thinking (often because they are ill equipped to do so). Ethics that tell them that people can believe what they like and that one cannot question faith, or challenge it.

The road to hell on earth is paved with intentions of avoiding rudeness: especially where what is considered rude is set by bigoted and insane doctrines ascribed to fictional bigots.

Others are just threatened, and others simply deluded.

Life is absurd and the world has always been broken. Religious nuttiness and bigotry is just an expression and symptom of that, but of course not the way the doctrines themselves say it is. It's just a gigantic pathology.

Of course there are many outs and excuses built into all of the semi-historical fictional quasi-wise variegated dogmas and doctrines on offer. However, two faced duplicity is the order of the day for all of them.

Delusional godist Christians will make all kinds of noises about their imaginary friend loving the sinner and doing nutty things like killing itself to appease itself to save humans. But remember that none of that nonsense would be necessary if their imaginary god being wasn't an astronomical apparent screw-up and bigot that was desperate to punish a lot of tiny limited beings that it created and then - according to the utterly logically confused dogma - corrupted - in the first place. Revelation 21:8 and Psalm 1:14 set the true tone for that particular doctrinal lunacy.

The standard retort 'you just cannot understand our god because you are human' is just another convolution of the same craziness: the best explanation for the insane stupidity and bigotry of the bible and the Quran and other theisms is a psychological, evolutionary, and pscyho-social one. Faith is simply social and individual mental illness with doctrinal influence that is just as circularly insane.

Of course - there is another response to the 'Faith s mental illness' claim: "Aren't we all a little crazy?"

Sorry - not that crazy. A bigoted imaginary friend that one has paranoid delusions about, and that one experiences delusions of reference to, and from: there is a big difference clinically and pscyhologically between having such, and not having it.

Don't shoot the messenger.

Religious Faith: It is the codified expression and experience of mental illness.