Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Yichang - Jewel of Hubei

Yichang is a jewel of a city situated on the Yangtzee river in the central Eastern province of Hubei. Classified as a prefecture level city by the Chinese authorities due to its land area and population of over 4.5 million, Yichang has much to offer those touring with a young family.

Arial View of the Children's Park

Chinese culture is rich with tradition, and is infused with principles of filial piety (respect for elders and ancestors) and the love of children. Chinese people love to provide activities and facilities for their children in public spaces.
Yichang Children's Park is an excellent example of Chinese child-focused culture. Situated in the middle of Yichang between the CBD and Yilin public square, the park is part fun-park and part leafy picnic area. There are many carnival rides including two small rollercoasters and several sizable dynamic thrill rides for all ages.
Perhaps the best feature of the Children's Park is a large artificial lake with paddle boats, featuring flying foxes that traverse the lake about 10 metres above the water. 
At night Yichang lights up along the banks of the Yangtzee with rows of spectacular 'bling' buildings of many kinds - from old traditional structures to modern hotels. The reflection of light adorned buildings in the river as seen from the cruise ferry - as one partakes of a delicious meal with live music - is a sight to behold, and will likely entrance young travelers for a good while. 

Yichang is also home to the ferry-accessible Three Gorges, a magnificent natural wonder that also houses the largest hydro electric damn in the world. Both the natural awe of the gorges and the surrounding mountains, and the damn itself, make for a fulfilling adventure.