Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Trump Means Many Things

- Bruce Long

Derek Beres has written of Trump's religious support base:
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Trump Revealed to the World the Farce of Faith

"Religion is fluid and conforms to the tribe, which is opposite of how religion is usually advertised, as a pre-existing condition." (source)

The comment about tribalism in religion is undoubtedly accurate. However, religion, especially Christianity, is most often advertised as separatist and anarchistic: against the diabolical world and the spawn of Satan unbelievers that populate it. Backing trump wasn't that: it was populist response to a populist preacher who is not religious himself.

The believer is said (by believers) to consecrated by god, to be special - to be set apart (not that they're arrogant, narcissistic, or pompous - or anything like that).

Trump played them, and they deserved it. Trump is many things and his rise has made many statements, but two of them are:
1. The US has become a parody of itself and its insane religionist defacto theocratic map has become its territory
2. Non believers in the US do not have to respect or take seriously a bunch of idiots who insist that their imaginary friend should run everyone's lives
Especially for the 2nd upshot, Trump should be admired. Godists are too often delusional bullies and nothing proves this more than their behaviour when they gain office and influence public affairs.

Trumps' ability to sway religious voters - especially evangelicals who believe themselves to be the salt of the Earth and against this world - proves that religious faith is very much of the world and in fact is one of its biggest problems. Christianity is a pristine example of a serious problem that is labelled as a solution by its proponents.