Sunday, 27 November 2016

An Ode to Communism, and a Response...

Libertarian group 'Being Libertarian' recently posted this capitalist propaganda video decrying Communism (the large state variety anyway).

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A rather different video in the form of a documentary narrated by Orson Welles (Orson Welles Narrates the Russian Revolution) from Granada television is not available anywhere on the internet anymore (a curious outcome in and of itself) since it was released on Open Culture a couple of years ago. Which is a shame, because it shows exactly how depraved the world of the Tsars in Russia was. Between the time of Ivan the terrible and the last Tsar, a lot more people died in the cold than under Stalin, and that's only going back to Ivan. The conditions of the poor were utter depravity. The film contains narration over hours of original footage of life before the revolution and the revolution itself. Frankly, it was well overdue. The Tsarists were utterly inhuman in their treatment of the poor (real 'let them eat cake' attitudes all of the time).

Stalin and his police state were not a true communist state. This is not the no true Scotsman fallacy - since the state apparatus was not really under the control of the people, and that was why Trotsky and other moderates got the axe. Pol pot was simply insane and operating as a warlord first and a Communist in mimicry of China only.

Prior to Mao's revolution, the British Empire, unable to make any serious inroad militarily into China, turned it into an enormous, dangerous opium Den (The Admiralty smashed the inferior Chinese navy, but invading inland was impossible: China is enormous and the British were overstretched in India). This was no accident. The British planned it from inception. The country had been hard for the poor under imperial rule, but the capitalist force behind opium removed even the Confucian premises for preservation of the people. The capitalists slaughtered far more Chinese with opium (60%+ of the population was addicted) than Mao ever did with the red guards.

The Cultural revolution happened for a reason. The reason was that the Americans were at the height of their power, having looted Europe after WW2 (and remember - the RUSSIANS won WW2 at Stalingrad where they and their winter smashed the Nazi blitzkreig machine, not the showboating Americans like the propaganda in the East-demonising West claims).

The USA and Britain (and Europe) then waged serious economic and asymmetric warfare on China, whose infrastructure was in its infancy. The cultural revolution was the last stand of the Communists against the internal representatives of the Western hegemony, and it turned ugly because they were outgunned economically and by the Western propaganda machine, which employed the biggest military and MARKETING think tanks in the comparatively staggeringly wealthy US.

Then, in the late twentieth century, the US and Europe exploited the hell out of cheap Chinese labor, and exported all of their heavy dirty polluting industry to China, where the people are now dying in droves from cancer because of it.

Things are rarely as simple as a capitalist propaganda film.

And we're not forgetting, of course, the US bullying of Vietnam, and the napalm and agent orange storm that they released on millions of innocent villagers to stop the 'red menace' from taking profit opportunities away.