Thursday, 27 October 2016

Criticism of religious and faith based doctrinal bigotry and xenophboia is still not bigotry or xenophobia, no matter how much conflation and equivocation regressives throw at it

As many new atheist thinkers have clearly articulated, xenophobia is encoded deeply into theist writ and religious faith - especially in the case of Islam.
Equivocation on race and religious orientation by way of confusion of both with culture is not an out for religions here, nor a signifier of bigotry on the part of their critics.
The new atheist stance regarding the xenophobic nature of faiths is not unsophisticated or simple minded: it's just logically and demonstrably right. Handwaving and inarticulate (or pseudo-articulate) conflation of the condemnation of religious bigotry with religiophobia and racism is one of the most transparently idiotic and plainly disingenuous ploys of the regressive left and their confused - and mostly economically minded - faux-liberal allies.
After all, one is not a liberal, nor a Freethinker, if one attempts to quash the criticism of religion with nonsensical false attributions and brute conflation of anti-religious sentiment with racism.