Wednesday, 19 July 2017

China rejects religion. Chinese people have always been leaders in technology and civilisation. Communism is great.

Something to aspire to. Let's face it, the cost of religious delusion and enthusiasm is much higher than any alleged benefit. People can believe any nonsense they like, but when they start organising into gangs of deluded bullying faux-moral thugs affecting government cotnrols and calling people infidels and immoral unbelievers, then their constructed artificial lines of division and overt bigotry just add to the lines of division that humans already use to hurt each other.

Ask yourself: Why do most theist religious institutions, their dogmas and doctrines, and their adherents, all say that it is bad not to believe what they do? They don't just say that it's cool and good to believe? They insist on denigrating the very nature and character of all individuals that don't agree with their supernaturalist delusional twatwaffle. Why is that?

Because religious enthusiasm is almost always built around BIGOTRY. It's so obvious and in our faces that we have come to accept it. The Chinese don't accept it. GOOD FOR THEM.

It's good to see religionisation and religious enthusiasm on the bottom. I am tired of the bullshit rhetoric in the capitalist religionised world that tells us all we should be so respectful of religious devotion because it is necessary to our democracy and secularism. Bullshit. IT ISN'T necessary to freedom or peace, and religious belief is bigotry and the opposite of tolerance. What it is necessary to is keeping the herd in check so the rich can get richer off them.

IT's the opiate of the masses, always will be, and always has been. Addictions to opiates always end up terrorising the addict and their neighbours